How do I set up the RS 170 wireless headphones?

Please check out our Set Up Tutorial video: RS 170


Step 1: Remove all components from the box. These will include transmitter/charging station, headphones, power cable, audio cable, batteries and adapters.
Step 2: Insert the batteries into the headphones. 
Step 3: Use the power cable to connect the transmitter/charger to an electrical outlet.
Step 4: Charge the headphones. The charge indicator light will illuminate to indicate charging. NOTE: The batteries in the headphones should be charged for 16 hours initially.
Step 5: Use the audio cable connect the transmitter/charger to the audio OUTPUT on the audio source. NOTE: Depending on your audio source you may be connecting into a 3.5mm headphone jack, red and white RCA audio outputs or a digital output. 
Step 6: Turn on your audio source.
Step 7: Turn on your transmitter. The LED on the transmitter will illuminate and start blinking.
Step 8: Turn on your headphones. The LED on the transmitter will illuminate and start blinking.
Step 9: Wait 30-60 seconds for the wireless signal between the headphones and transmitter to be established and then you will have audio.

NOTE: The RS 160 & RS 170 & RS 180 models do not include a digital connection. If you need to connect to a digital audio output then you will need a digital to analog decoder like the OREI DA 34.

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