MKE 600 – the team player: for the perfect synergy

So will it fit in with the other microphones on the set? Sophisticated miking is a composition. Everything must be right, must blend in, every microphone has to do its job. And then, during shooting, you suddenly no longer need the boom but rather a directional microphone directly on the camera. Good if you’ve got an MKE 600 with you …

The MKE 600 was originally developed for professional broadcasting. As part of the mix with lavalier microphones or handheld transmitters, the shotgun provides what professionals need: a super-cardioid microphone with high resolution, outstanding impulse response so that even sudden sound peaks are transmitted precisely, and all necessary configuration options. The low-cut filter reduces wind noise, a pronounced directionality additionally minimizes ambient noise, and the supply voltage can also be provided with a battery. To prevent permanent discharging, you simply switch off the battery. Should the battery start running out, the LED display warns you when there are around 8 hours remaining. Enough time to finish the shooting. The MKE 600 is …

… a perfect all-rounder for professional requirements

The rich sound with a well-balanced bass component records speech in a warm, intelligible manner. Despite the directionality, the MKE 600 produces an atmospheric sound. It manages to combine concentration – sound-wise – on the camera focus while simultaneously achieving a subtle appreciation of its surroundings. Even under the toughest acoustic conditions, the MKE 600 is reliable in its operation. Outdoor recordings in the turbulent city center? Indoor filming in a part of the building where the sound gets distorted? Especially with rapidly changing locations and camera settings, the shotgun mic is a valuable part of the miking. The sound engineer suddenly needs to record something else at the back of the building? On his own with just one bag? Simply take along the MKE 600.

Our conclusion?

You can tell that the MKE 600 was developed for the microphone boom and large shoulder-mounted cameras. However, if you adapt the XLR output to a mini-jack, it cuts an excellent figure on a single-lens reflex too. The directional effect is so powerful that you can also go a bit further away from the acoustic source … the sound stays near to the camera. Body-borne noise resulting from equipment is also systematically reduced. Greater volume, more atmosphere and a robust all-metal housing … the MKE 600 should be in every well-stocked microphone case.

Suitable for:

  • Professional movie recording with clear focus on speech and good sensitivity to the surroundings
  • Indoor and outdoor recordings in general

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