Sennheiser’s new cloud-based IT management solution for headsets and speakerphones helps busy IT departments keep in touch with business

Audio specialist Sennheiser has launched HeadSetup™ Pro Manager, a powerful cloud-based IT management solution developed to track, monitor, update and configure settings on multiple Sennheiser devices from a single, easy to use dashboard that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The new solution takes the pressure off IT professionals, letting them effortlessly stay in control of their unified communications environments.

Unified Communications brings enormous benefits to businesses – increasing the ease and efficiency of everyday operations and giving teams unprecedented mobility and flexibility. Yet these advantages often bring an increase in workload and complexity for IT departments that need to manage and secure a growing number of devices. Sennheiser’s new HeadSetup™ Pro Manager now makes it easier to stay in touch with existing headsets and speakerphones by providing access to fast mass deployment, easy update management, centralized configuration and reporting options from one single easy to use dashboard that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
HeadSetup™ Pro Manager now makes it easier to keep in touch with business.

“The role of IT professionals is often made needlessly frustrating by the added, never ending challenge of tracking assets and keeping devices up to date. This can consume many valuable man hours and can also proof to be disruptive to the users,” said Andreas Bach, President at Sennheiser Communications A/S. “With HeadSetup™ Pro Manager we have taken on this challenge with a secure and flexible IT Management tool that frees up your IT team to stay focused on higher value activity while delivering a seamless and secure unified communications experience.”

HeadSetup™ Pro Manager is a cloud-based enterprise SaaS (Software as a service) hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud services and Microsoft Azure SQL/NoSQL databases. This scalable and resilient solution allows for highly secure control of remote devices, even across multiple sites through encrypted communication with a client on each user’s computer. No sensitive data is stored. Sennheiser’s client application, HeadSetup™ Pro, works in the background to manage connected headsets or speakerphones with minimal distractions to the end user.
HeadSetup™ Pro Manager delivers benefits in three main areas – Asset Management, Update Management and Configuration Management.

Asset Management
The new software solution offers a detailed overview of all headsets and speakerphones installed in the company. From one location it is possible to receive an overview of both active and inactive audio devices to identify the registered owner and user. By offering visibility of assets, IT departments can more effectively manage resources to improve productivity.

Update Management
HeadSetup™ Pro Manager provides a flexible and cost effective way to push out latest software updates to all an organization’s Sennheiser headsets, at a time that’s most convenient to IT and users alike. It is possible to push new updates to an unlimited number of users or defined user groups from a single easy to use dashboard and to schedule automated updates in a way that causes minimal downtime and disruption to the business.

Configuration Management
The centralized configuration option allows all settings to be controlled from the IT department, while headset users experience a simple plug and play solution. HeadSetup™ Pro Manager makes it possible to centrally push configurations or lock specific specifications on wired and DECT wireless headsets to comply with regulatory compliance settings for specific groups or individuals from one single dashboard tool.

In addition, HeadSetup™ Pro Manager’s report function makes it possible to create reports on headset usage to gain full control of your inventory and insights into the company’s UC environment.



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